Speech Therapy Update

Today we had our final speech therapy appointment before we actually begin! I had to tell the speech therapist what Kenley's normal day looks like and updated her on other words and sounds she's making. I did ask (again) if Reagan will also be getting help since she was almost qualified and was told that the speech therapist will actually be teaching us more than the girls since we will be with them all the time.
She suggested that we have visits twice a month. Our over-all goal for Kenley is that she learn 5 new words/gestures everyday for a week and that she should master that in about 4 months. After 6 months of therapy, they will re-evaluate her and see if she still qualifies or no longer needs help.

Words Kenley is saying:
Puppy (peh-pah)
What's that? (wazzzzz-at)
Ball (bowwww)
Bear (bay-uh)

Reagan actually says less words but understood more than Kenley which is why she didn't qualify. Both of them understand quite a bit though. I'm pretty sure they know what I'm saying 75% of the time. I'm excited that we will be learning some speech exercises with the therapist. I feel like some of the reason they don't try and talk is because I'm not doing something right, but I also think it's because they aren't very socialized. Which leads me to my next point...
Mothers day out (MDO).
I don't remember where I heard about this but I decided to look it up this week and it seems like it's exactly what we all need. It's kind of like daycare except it's typically only 2-3 days a week and only about 5 hours at a time. That also means it's cheaper than regular daycare and with 2 babies, I need that. With Derick's new full-time schedule, he is basically working all day and night. And by the time he gets home, I'm exhausted from chasing the girls around, so my house is suffering lately and it is driving me insane. MDO would seriously relieve this problem. I know, I know...I should take time for myself for a few hours while they are gone but if I clean one day than I will have a whole 5 hours to myself the other day.
So far my search has gone no where. I found one in Cove but they shut down, and one in Kempner but they don't offer it during summertime. So I'm basically left with Killeen, and I'm not sure if it's totally worth it since it will shave off about an hour from the already 5 short hours just for driving. Feel free to give me advice. I need it right now.

Hope everyone is having an amazing week so far!
Here's some cute baby pics!




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