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So I know I shouldn't start with "Sorry I haven't posted in forever, but we're really busy", because I'm sure you already know that. But, busy-ness has just stepped up its game in our house.
First of all, I started a job just over a month ago. It's a title company, where I'm training to be a funder. I haven't worked in 3 years,so it's a bit of a culture shock. It's a "grown-up" job so that's definitely a first for me, and we are constantly busy. Any other place I've worked has never even been half as busy as we are in my office. It's good though and makes the days fly by. I'm struggling with the alarm clock in the morning though. I used to wake up when the girls did (around 9), but now I wake up at 6:15! Needless to say, caffeine and I are closer than ever.
Next, Derick got a new job! From what I understand, it's a company where they help people consolidate student loans. He also started free-lance writing fo…

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