Saturday, August 29, 2015


So I know I shouldn't start with "Sorry I haven't posted in forever, but we're really busy", because I'm sure you already know that. But, busy-ness has just stepped up its game in our house.

First of all, I started a job just over a month ago. It's a title company, where I'm training to be a funder. I haven't worked in 3 years,so it's a bit of a culture shock. It's a "grown-up" job so that's definitely a first for me, and we are constantly busy. Any other place I've worked has never even been half as busy as we are in my office. It's good though and makes the days fly by. I'm struggling with the alarm clock in the morning though. I used to wake up when the girls did (around 9), but now I wake up at 6:15! Needless to say, caffeine and I are closer than ever.

Next, Derick got a new job! From what I understand, it's a company where they help people consolidate student loans. He also started free-lance writing for a Seattle Seahawks blog! If you haven't read his article yet, it's HERE! I couldn't be prouder of him and his accomplishments.

Third, the girls are conversationally speaking now. Speech therapy ended in June, and they were just keeping up with what they were learning. But as soon as it ended, their speech just EXPLODED. They speak in full and complete sentences and every time I hear it, it blows my mind. They count everything (sometimes it's 1...2...3...8), but most of the time they get it right. They also know all their colors and can sing a few songs: ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, The Wheels on the Bus. It's adorable. LOVING THIS AGE (minus the tantrums).

We are taking a kid-less trip next weekend! Last year for Labor Day weekend we went to San Antonio, and we're doing it again this year! I'm really looking forward to some time alone, but I know I will miss the babes like crazy. No set-in-stone plans yet, we just know we will be there for 3 days.

Well I think that's about all for now! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5 Month Update. EEK.

Guys, it's been 5 months since my last post. A lot has happened since then so I figured it was time for an update!

1. We just moved into a new house a little over a week ago. I'm still getting used to it; it's smaller by HALF, and we had to do some major purging to fit our stuff in here, but it's also cheaper (which is the best part)! We planned on buying our own house, but didn't qualify for as much as we would have liked, so we are going to use the extra money to pay off some bills so we can look again in a year or two.

2. Derick got a promotion at the bank, from Supervisor to Assistant Branch Manager! I am so beyond proud of him and all that he does for our family.

3. My second semester of school has ended and I did pretty well again! I'm finally getting the hang of this college thing. I also finished registering for summer classes. I will be taking all online classes so my fingers are crossed that I can stay focused while at home.

4. We are taking the girls out of daycare for the summer to save a little extra $$$, which will make it a little harder to focus on my classes, but sacrifices must be made. I'd much rather be able to buy my own house sooner than later anyways.

5. Kenley is getting her 6 month speech therapy test tomorrow, and they think this could be her last appointment! She really has learned so much, and so has Reagan. They talk ALLLL DAYYY LONGGGG. When Derick's at work they say, "Dada's at work?", and they love the word "no". They are really understanding their names now. For a really long time both of them thought they were Reagan! When they do something they think is awesome they say "I DID IT!", and when they want something really bad they just whine and mumble some words that I can never understand. It's a fun phase (minus all of the "no's") and I'm excited to watch their language continue to grow!

Well I guess that's all the major stuff that's been going on around here! I hope ya'll have an amazing rest of the week!

Monday, December 29, 2014

End Of The Year Update!

It has been a long time since I have written a post, and with 2015 around the corner I felt like this would be the best time to write one!

School ended on the 10th. I passed all FIVE of my classes, and I have no idea how. And since class was out we decided to take the girls out of daycare until class starts again in January. So now I'm at home. I wish I could say it's relaxing, but it's not. I've been fighting being sick for the past month it seems like. But, I WILL SURVIVE.

The girls have a pretty good vocabulary now. Of course their new favorite word is "mine". I'm sure they picked it up from daycare because we NEVER say that word around the house. I have dreaded this phase, and now it's here. Sometimes when they say "mine" it's for a good reason. Like when sister takes the toy she was playing with...I let it slide. BUT, then there are the times that they are both minding their own business and then one will scream at the other "MINE" and will take their sister's toy from them. That is usually what happens. And it's horrible; usually ends in 2 babies throwing a tantrum.

Reagan                                                 Kenley

Christmas was AWESOME this year. The girls really understood how to open the presents and actually cared about the toys and not just the boxes! They got a lot of cool things this year. And I can see their little minds working when they play with some of the more challenging toys. For Derick, I made him envelopes with a whole date planned out for each month of 2015. I'm really sappy so homemade gifts are my jam. And Derick is getting me a new pair of sunglasses since my f a v o r i t e pair has a broken lens. :(
I haven't gotten the new pair yet because he wanted me to pick them out for myself and we really hate huge shopping crowds, so we will be getting them now that Christmas shopping is over.

Kenley                                                        Reagan

It has really been a good couple of months and it has been an even better year. Now I'm ready for New Years since we will be having a get-together at our house (jello shots included). I'm going to make some "lucky" foods to bring in the New Year, including pork, greens, black eyed peas, and grapes. Last year I made the mistake of not making ANY food and only having snacks, and I can pretty much say it only took one drink for me to get sloppy. Lesson learned.

Instead of resolutions I think I want me and Derick to make a 2015 Bucket List. We made one last year, but it got thrown into a drawer and was never seen again. I know we did a couple of things on the list but definitely not everything. So this year I think I will post it on the fridge or wall so we are constantly reminded to do it.

And now some pictures of my favorite things this year!
(in no particular order)

 Kenley at Trail of Lights

 Reagan at Trail of Lights


 My hair transformation. DON'T EVER let me grow my hair again. I'm a short hair girl all the way.



 Cool pub in San Antonio (our first tip without kids!)

 Surprise trip for Derick to Fredericksburg to watch a WWII re-enactment!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tea for 2!

Hey everyone! No, I haven't forgotten about you. I've been usual. I started school back up the end of August and have pretty much have had no time to myself. My house is definitely suffering the most from all of this.

The girls' 2nd birthday is just around the corner and I can not even believe it's here. For their birthday we are going to have a tea party! I'm going to make little finger sandwiches and serve every kind of tea imaginable. I'm thinking we will do it outside as long as the weather is nice.

 Party Supplies

The girls are so active and rebellious now. When I used to say "no" they would stop whatever they were doing immediately. Now it's a game..."how long can I keep doing this after mom says no before she comes over here". It's not my favorite thing but I am trying to embrace this as a phase. They are saying more words now and can understand almost everything we say. They even know the tune to "ABC's" and hum it pretty much all day long. It's the best.



As far as my school is going, I'm getting through it. It's not my favorite thing in the world, and spin class is definitely kicking my ass, but I'm still going. I'm only doing a 2 year degree so if I take classes during the summer it should really only take me til the end of next year, hopefully. Which in my head right now, it doesn't sound too bad. Props to all of the people who finished school. I have no idea how you did it.

Well that's all for now. I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Life Update

It's been close to 2 months since the last time I made a post. Not much has really changed in those 2 months. Just busy chasing around crazy toddlers, as always. I have logged on to make a post probably 100 times but I never really had anything to say. But now I've got something! Actually, a couple of somethings!

We had the girls first official speech therapy appointment! They aren't saying any new words really, but they understand almost everything. I swear me and Derick could have a conversation right in front of them and I bet they know exactly what we're saying! We are learning some sign language first because it's a good stepping stone for verbal language. We won't be relying on it and if they choose to say the word instead of sign it, then we won't have to sign it. They already know a couple signs in a matter of a week; milk, cookie, eat. Our speech therapist said they are very smart (which we already knew) and should pick everything up pretty fast.

The transition from crib to bed happened at the beginning of this month and it has not been a smooth transition by any means. I'm pretty sure we've tried everything and nothing is working 100%. Right now naps are kind of 50/50. For naptime and bedtime, I have been tucking them in and sitting at the end of their beds. I don't say anything; I just sit there until they fall asleep. The first few nights it only took 10 minutes to fall asleep, but now it's taking closer to an hour to fall asleep. And even then, they wake up 5 minutes after I leave and start crying and fall asleep on the floor by the door. If you have little ones and have some good tips or if I'm doing something wrong, please PLEASE, comment on my post. I'm slowly but surely losing my sanity over here.

On a positive note, I will be starting school again for the third (and probably last) time. I'm going to do the associates of business program so I can finish in 2 years instead of 4 and basically bypass all of the horrible required classes that I just can't seem to force myself to get through. Right now I'm feeling pretty good about being able to make it through this time, but I usually think that way every time I'm about to start school "for the last time". This time seems different though (how cliche...). Now the girls will be starting daycare full time and I have no reason not to go. Here's to hoping...

We will be taking our first "vacation" without the girls for 3 whole nights! I'm excited that me and Derick will have a little "us" time but I can't say that I'm not hating that I will be away from them for that long. We haven't been away from them for more than a few hours since they've been home from the NICU. I will miss them so much, but I know our moms will do a great job while we are away (and I promise I will only try and call you every hour or so...haha).

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our First Job!

All night last night and (practically) all day today, Cheryl and I have been baking and frosting our little hearts away! Derick's bank is celebrating their birthday tomorrow and asked if we would make the cupcakes for the party. Of course we said YES! The theme for their party is 50's and Derick already has his greaser outfit ready to go. We made Creamsicle, Red Velvet, Chocolate Malt, and Elvis (banana/peanut butter/bacon). I would say they came out fantastically.

I can't wait until everyone eats them tomorrow so I can bombard Derick when he gets home and ask "DID EVERYONE LIKE THEM?!"

On another note, we found a daycare to take the girls to. We will only be taking them twice a week to start with so they can get used to it. I mean, we've stayed home for almost 2 years and I don't want to shock the system and take them 5 days a week for 8 hours at a time. So I think that's the best idea for now. It will be SO nice to have some alone time, but I can't say that I won't miss them like crazy while they are gone.

Well that's pretty much all that's new around here.
Hope your Monday TREATS YOU RIGHT.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Speech Therapy Update

Today we had our final speech therapy appointment before we actually begin! I had to tell the speech therapist what Kenley's normal day looks like and updated her on other words and sounds she's making. I did ask (again) if Reagan will also be getting help since she was almost qualified and was told that the speech therapist will actually be teaching us more than the girls since we will be with them all the time.
She suggested that we have visits twice a month. Our over-all goal for Kenley is that she learn 5 new words/gestures everyday for a week and that she should master that in about 4 months. After 6 months of therapy, they will re-evaluate her and see if she still qualifies or no longer needs help.

Words Kenley is saying:
Puppy (peh-pah)
What's that? (wazzzzz-at)
Ball (bowwww)
Bear (bay-uh)

Reagan actually says less words but understood more than Kenley which is why she didn't qualify. Both of them understand quite a bit though. I'm pretty sure they know what I'm saying 75% of the time. I'm excited that we will be learning some speech exercises with the therapist. I feel like some of the reason they don't try and talk is because I'm not doing something right, but I also think it's because they aren't very socialized. Which leads me to my next point...
Mothers day out (MDO).
I don't remember where I heard about this but I decided to look it up this week and it seems like it's exactly what we all need. It's kind of like daycare except it's typically only 2-3 days a week and only about 5 hours at a time. That also means it's cheaper than regular daycare and with 2 babies, I need that. With Derick's new full-time schedule, he is basically working all day and night. And by the time he gets home, I'm exhausted from chasing the girls around, so my house is suffering lately and it is driving me insane. MDO would seriously relieve this problem. I know, I know...I should take time for myself for a few hours while they are gone but if I clean one day than I will have a whole 5 hours to myself the other day.
So far my search has gone no where. I found one in Cove but they shut down, and one in Kempner but they don't offer it during summertime. So I'm basically left with Killeen, and I'm not sure if it's totally worth it since it will shave off about an hour from the already 5 short hours just for driving. Feel free to give me advice. I need it right now.

Hope everyone is having an amazing week so far!
Here's some cute baby pics!