Kenley and Reagan are now eating solid foods, and man is it hard.
First of all, it's a TOTAL mess.
Second of all, I don't know what to give them.
We started with the puffs about a month ago, and they couldn't have done better with them. But where do we go from there?

So far we have given them:
Banana (which turned into cement on their bodies)
Green beans
Whole grain waffles
Mac and cheese
Spaghetti with penne noodles
Chicken noodle soup
Probably a couple more that I can't think of....

Kenley devours everything (as seen in my last post). She doesn't hesitate with something new, she just dives right in there. Reagan, on the other hand, inspects the food, reluctantly grabs it, puts it in her mouth, makes a disgusted face, and is done. She loves the puffs, so I give her some during meal time so at least she's eating SOMETHING. But the only things she seems to like is puffs and chicken noodle soup (which was a shocker). So I'm kind of stuck now with what to do with her... I'm hoping one day soon it will just "click".

My delicious chicken noodle soup. (Mom's recipe)

I should add that we are only 5 days away from the girls' birthday. I'm starting to feel a little stress since this will be the first "party" I've ever hosted. But, I plan on throwing a lot of parties in the future so I've got to start somewhere.

My To-Do List:
Send out invites (I ended up making an event on Facebook. Lame, I know)
Get a new light for the kitchen
Buy decorations
Figure out what we are serving
Get party outfits for the girls
Buy stuff to bake cakes
Figure out what's wrong with the oven (Might be baking at someone else's house. Mom, do you hear me?)

 My devourer of all foods (can't you tell?)

My picky eater


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