Getting Ready for a Birthday!

In 17 days my little babies will be 1. I can't believe it's already been a year! We are going to have a bunch of people over for brunch to celebrate, but A LOT of things need to be done, and we haven't even started!

My To-Do List:
Send out invites
Get a new light for the kitchen
Buy decorations
Figure out what we are serving
Get party outfits for the girls
Buy stuff to bake cakes

(Some inspiration I got for their party is here.)

I'm such a procrastinator...
We're going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow so we can pick up some decorations and some stuff to make our Halloween costumes. Did I mention we're going to a Halloween party the same day as the girls' birthday party?! It's going to be a lonnnnnng, fun day! :)


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