1 Week Away

A lot has happened the last few days...
Kenley can pull herself up now! Reagan has been doing it for 2 weeks and we have been waiting for Kenley to figure it out. It's beyond cute when we walk in their room in the morning and they are both standing talking to each other :]

Next, we have moved the girls from their tiny pink baby tub to the sink! I don't know if that is a real "transition" thing for babies but it is for me. They LOVED it (probably because they actually have room to move). It's also so much easier for after meals. 



We are officially a week away from the girls' birthday! I'm so excited they are tuning 1, but starting to become that emotional wreck of a mom. It's been a long crazy journey and I feel like this birthday proves we can get through anything as a family.
 Anyways, with a week away from the party, my superhero came yesterday (AKA. Orkin man)! Thank goodness! Hopefully we won't be seeing anymore bugs in the near future.

My To-Do List:
Send out invites (I know, I know)
Get a new light for the kitchen
Buy decorations
Figure out what we are serving
Get party outfits for the girls
Buy stuff to bake cakes
Figure out what's wrong with the oven

I will just leave you with this cuteness. Obviously Kenley means business when it comes to meal time.


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