Pumpkin Patch

It's October 1st and officially fall. It's still hot in Texas (as usual) but starting to cool down here. The highs are more around the 80-90's rather than 100's, I'll take it! Anyway, we made our way to a cute little pumpkin patch this morning.
When we got there, we saw a guy carrying someone through the parking lot... Me and my husband were FREAKING OUT. Then we realized it was a scarecrow... 



So after the shock wore off, we looked at all of the different kinds of pumpkins. WHO KNEW THERE WERE SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS?! There were white ones, that I LOVED, but they only had huge ones and you pay by the pound, so I passed. (I am a twin mom anyways.) Instead, we got 20 little pumpkins to decorate (all different shapes and colors), 2 carving pumpkins (for me and the hubs), and a "pie" pumpkin. Not quite sure what I will make with it yet. Maybe cupcakes or ice cream. They had other things there too but the babes are still a little too small to participate. We really want to stuff our own scarecrow next time and freak some people out!

Also, Reagan FINALLY pulled herself up on the couch today!

And I made delicious loaded baked potato soup!
It's been a good day :]


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