I forgot to post the girls' birthday pictures the other day! Shame on me!
It was exactly what I expected...Reagan threw a fit the WHOLE time. Kenley smiled for the most part.

There is no better picture than this to explain how it went.
We did get a couple of good ones. Thank God! I will keep this little gem around forever though.

Best of Reagan


We had the girls 1 year appointment on the 28th. They weigh 21 whopping pounds. They are completely caught up with weight but still on the short end (where they will probably be stuck since I'm 5'2"). They had to get 5 shots each! They recovered pretty fast from them, seemed good the rest of the day, just sleepy, and then Kenley had a fever the next morning. It was our first fever ever, and it was heartbreaking. She just whined and cuddled with me for a while. Eventually she started fighting me, so I put her down, took her temp, and all was normal again. I don't look forward to an all-day fever...

The girls ate peas tonight, would you be surprised if I said Reagan loved them? I was definitely shocked since I HATE peas. Derick likes all things green and gross smelling though.

And while I'm rambling, tomorrow is Halloween! We will have the girls in their "costumes" all day tomorrow. I say "costumes" because really it's just a onesie and leggings that I ironed on a letter "S"and "P", yep, salt and pepper! Hopefully I remember to take pictures, there are people counting on me...(cough cough, Marian). Here's their jammies for the night!


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