Taking Care of Business

Finally went to Hobby Lobby. We got the invites and some decorations. CHECK. Now I just need to send them out. We also came up with a menu for the party...
Mimosa Bar (milk and oj for the little ones)
Breakfast Tacos
Fruit Tray
Yogurt Parfait
Cheesy Crockpot Hashbrowns (here)
and obviously...

For our anniversary this year, Derick made me a jar of coupons. I draw one every Sunday and I got an "I'll make dinner". So he bought a rotisserie chicken and made pasta salad. Hey, he didn't say a "fancy" dinner! And we finished off the night with a movie. Afterwards we went to clean up the kitchen when I spotted a disgusting ROACH. Yes, you read that right. That is the 2nd one in a month. So what has been added to our to-do list? Orkin man. We don't need creepy crawlies at the party. (Let me add we live in the country, and we have all kinds of bugs/spiders/scorpions all the time, so this needed to be done eventually)

My To-Do List:
Send out invites
Get a new light for the kitchen
Buy decorations
Figure out what we are serving
Get party outfits for the girls
Buy stuff to bake cakes
Figure out what's wrong with the oven

Also our oven is turning on and off the last 2 days so we need to fix that. Seems like everything is breaking at the PERFECT moment. 


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