They're One!

After a short 28 week pregnancy and 3 months in the NICU, my babies are finally 1! It's a little unreal that we are here already. They have overcome so much already in their first year and I look forward to all of the years ahead!

We walked into their room yesterday morning, and they were SO smiley, like they totally knew it was their birthday. We fed them waffles for breakfast (Reagan actually likes them), and I started setting up for the party. It was a total success! The food was AH-mazing...(seriously, make the potatoes on my previous post). And the girls had a blast! They did take a little snooze in the middle, but were awake in time for cake!

 Our 4 generation photo

Their first present!

My favorite of Reagan

My favorite of Kenley

Clean up time!


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