10 things

There have been a lot of things happening in the Johnson household...Here are 10 things we've been up to and what you should know!

1. Reagan has finally gotten her first top tooth! We have had a couple sleepless nights recently, and I have been anticipating more teeth since it's been 3 months from the last.
2. We're going shopping tomorrow so Derick can get a work shirt. Hopefully we can do a little Christmas shopping while we are out!
3. In case you didn't know, November 17th is National Prematurity Day. Wear purple to support our little preemies!
4. Our oven is still broken and I'm jonesing to bake some pumpkin cupcakes.
5. The Bud Light Cran-Brrr-Ritas are AMAZING and totally preparing me for Christmas!
6. My house has officially been taken over by toys since the girls' birthday.
7. My scentsy has been filled with peppermint, vanilla, and coffee flavors, which is making my house smell delicious.
8. I'm still on the hunt for the girls' Christmas day outfit.
9. Starbucks is having a buy 1 holiday drink get 1 free until the 17th, which we are totally taking advantage of.
10. Seahawks have a 9-1 season so far! When the Seahawks are doing good, we have a happy home...lol.




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