Baby Talk

I've noticed over the last week that the girls are starting to talk more and they have the CUTEST little voices. I was a little worried that Reagan was going to be raspy because her cry is (from being intubated for surgery), but her voice is clear just like Kenley's. They are constantly saying "mama" "dada" "thatha" "gaga" and other cute little words. My heart melts with every sound they make. It is so funny when you catch them "talking" to each other. I wonder if they've already come up with their twin language or if it's purely gibberish.

Seriously? How cute are they?!

Derick and I have been trying to get them to stand without support, and last night, Reagan stood by herself for about a minute! Honestly, I teared up because I am THAT mom. Kenley, on the other hand, will get her balance and as soon as I let go, she will immediately fall forward so she can grab my shirt. They are also both scaling the couch right now, which is a pretty big step toward walking! They totally have the motion down, now they just need balance.


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