The girls' first Thanksgiving was wonderful! I was a little worried they wouldn't want to eat anything, but they always surprise me. They ate mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, and pie! No turkey though (meat texture is still weird to them). I tried giving Reagan a bite of my deviled egg, but as soon as I put it up to her mouth, she grabbed the entire yolk out with her hand! I tried to grab what I could out of her hand to prevent it from landing on my grandma's carpet. Thankfully nothing got dirty (except the 2 of us). After dinner and desert at my grandma's, we went to Lisa's house to spend some time with Derick's family. The girls started getting crabby, which I assumed they would from all of the excitement, so we went home. It was the first night in many nights that they slept until morning. It was so nice to get some much needed rest.

New developments on our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! I have finally come up with a drinks list!

1. Apple cider with option to spike with caramel vodka
2. Hot chocolate with option to spike with peppermint kahlua
3. Cran-brrr-ritas
4. Jello shot X-mas tree!

To-Do for UCSP
Make event on Facebook
Decide on drinks
Decorate the house
Find sweaters
Buy white elephant gift
Fix oven

Still need a tree topper...

OH YEA! Our oven is finally fixed, after a little over a month! As soon as the maintenance man left, I baked brownies. Yesterday I baked pumpkin cupcakes, and today I baked chicken. What can I say? I really missed my oven.


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