Christmas Party!

Our Ugly Sweater Party is only 5 days away! We still have A TON to get before Saturday, so we are going shopping with the girlies tomorrow. We need to buy stuff to make our festive drinks, UGLY SWEATERS (our party and we still don't have sweaters....procrastination at it's finest), and stuff for me to make some chex mix! I found this one on pinterest, and after reading it, I HAVE to make it!

To-Do for UCSP
Make event on Facebook
Decide on drinks
Decorate the house
Find sweaters
Buy white elephant gift (oh yea...that too)
Fix oven

This last week I have been sick with the flu. It hit me all of a sudden on Sunday night and seemed like a really terrible cold on Monday. When I woke up on Tuesday, I had a fever and body aches. It was the first time I had been sick since the girls came home from the NICU 10 months ago!

Derick took care of the girls pretty much by himself (unless he was at work, obviously). Whenever I did have them, I tried my hardest (and succeeded) to not kiss them, and I handled them a lot less. It was a tough week, but I am feeling almost 100% today, just some sniffles.

On a nicer note, all of our Black Friday packages were delivered today! We got the girls new car seats since they outgrew their carrier ones, and installed them right away. It was super easy to put together and they look so comfy in comparison to their last ones! I'm excited to test them out tomorrow when we go shopping. I also got some things I ordered for myself for Xmas. A sweater and 2 bras from Victoria's Secret. I guess you could say I spoiled myself a little, but I have to remember me sometimes...right?

Anyways, I hope everyone is staying warm this week!


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