Today was technically the girls first Christmas. Last year they were still in the NICU and still a month away from coming home. I can not even tell you how happy I was to have them home this year!

We had to wake up early this morning to get ready to go to Derick's mom's house first. It was 7:30 and the girls have been sleeping in until at least 9 lately. So they were still sleeping and we had to wake them up. MISTAKE. They started crying and throwing their faces into their mattresses. (I knew exactly what they were feeling....) We brought them to the Christmas tree to open presents and they had no idea what they were doing, of course. They were more interested in the paper than anything. 


Then we got ready, put the girls in their car seats, and the tantrum began. Kenley LITERALLY screamed her guts out. Ok, maybe not "literally". But she spit up everything in her belly. Luckily her Christmas sweater was covered by a coat but her leggings were not so lucky. We had to take her out of her car seat to clean up the mess while Reagan just sat there and played with her new toy remote control.

We finally got to Derick's mom's and ate cinnamon rolls, drank coffee with a ton of sugar, and "A Christmas Story" played in the background while we opened presents. Then it was off to my grandma's house for the big Christmas dinner. The girls weren't really interested in the food until my grandma brought out the trifle.

noun \ˈtrī-fəl\
a dessert made of layers of cake, jam or jelly, and custard and topped with whipped cream

They devoured it. Kenley basically had to be stopped from eating anymore. After their sweet treat they started going into a food coma, rubbing their eyes and yawning. We decided to go home so they could nap (and so could I).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did.


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