Sleep Update

Well our Christmas party was great and I plan to have them for many years to come. Unfortunately, I had so much fun that I forgot to take ANY pictures. WHAT?! I even asked around to a few people and they didn't take any either! Must have been a good party! They girls seemed to enjoy it too! They love being passed back and forth from one person to another. They are total hams! They ended up falling asleep at 10 and woke up not too long after. I don't blame them though, a house full of people singing at the top of their lungs would wake me up too. Everyone left by midnight, and the girls finally went to sleep at 1. And guess what?...They slept all night.

The girls have been sleeping until 9:30am recently, and although that sounds AH-mazing, they aren't going to sleep until 11pm! So starting tonight, we have cut down their 2 naps/day to 1/day. Tonight they were ready for bed at 8:30pm. I think if they are waking up often tonight, then we will also start waking them up in the morning around 8am.

We are also going to try and stop rocking them to sleep. I know...I know...almost 14 months old and we still have to rock them to sleep. I have to admit that I love it on occasion, because sometimes, that's the only 1-1 bonding we get for the day. But, I envy the parents who put their children to bed (while they are still awake) and they slowly drift off to sleep. It would be so much easier. Sometimes while I'm rocking Reagan to sleep, Kenley will throw a fit because she's also tired, and I can't rock her at the same time. So this would really help alleviate that bedtime meltdown. We're going to wait for a day that Derick is off to try it, so if we have a sleepless night, at least he won't have to work the next day.


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