The Toilet Bowl

It's Christmas Eve eve and also the final day of our fantasy football season. Let me elaborate...

Derick and I started a fantasy football league last year inspired by the show "The League". Of course, last year was my first year that I really followed football, so I didn't expect to do very well. Good thing I didn't because I ended up with our loser's trophy...The Toilet Bowl. It's exactly what it sounds like. A toilet seat with "The Toilet Bowl" written on the front and under the lid says "Casey Johnson 2012" (hanging above our mantle by "League Rules").
This year I kinda knew what I was I thought. I started out with a great draft (we have a draft party before the season starts to pick our players) and Derick kept telling me I was going to be a tough team to beat. Now, I believe anything Derick says about sports...he's that guy who can tell you, from start to finish, how a game in 2009 went, he can tell you all of the stats of every player (basically), and somehow he still has space in his brain to remember how to brush his teeth. It's craaaaaazy. Anyways, I had a winning record for a few weeks, and for some reason that started to change. By the end of the season I was 5-8 and once again, was in The Toilet Bowl playoffs.
I have the toilet bowl AGAIN for the 2nd year in a row! Not only that, but my brother won the 1st place trophy for the 2nd year in a row! So basically this season was for nothing. But let me tell you...I WILL be doing my research this year. I WILL be listening to Derick anytime he says ANYTHING about football (instead of tuning him out), and I WILL win next year...hopefully.

On a nicer, more Christmas-y note...we made gingerbread cookies! The first time my whole life I have ever made and decorated gingerbread cookies! Although I didn't have any cookie cutters, I just used a glass and made "ornament" cookies :)

Derick had to make Seahawks cookies...

I used this gingerbread cookie recipe and they are DUH-licious. We saved a couple extras for the girls to decorate tomorrow! I will SERIOUSLY try and remember to take pictures of that. The rest of tonight has been cran-brrr-itas and "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", what's better than that?!



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