All Packed Up

I was realizing today (while we were packing up the girls to go to grandma's house so we could have a nice lunch to ourselves) that we have an extremely strict routine when getting the girls out of the house. I'm sure most parents do anyways.

We always let the girls nap before we go anywhere to ensure there isn't any crankiness while we are out. Also, they won't sleep ANYWHERE except their cribs and the car. So hoping they fall asleep in their stroller is not an option. While they are sleeping we pack their diaper bag, which is a whole chaotic yell fest between me and Derick. Why? Because he will be doing a checklist in his head while I'm off in the distance yelling if he remembered the wipes, powder, diapers, bottles, etc... Eventually I stop shouting (so I like to say) and we finish the bag prep. I generally think we OVER-pack the bag but, I just want to make sure that in a time of crisis, I'm prepared.

Things Found in our Diaper Bag
Triple paste rash cream...(which works amazingly)
Juice sippy cups
Bottles for milk
Extra set of clothes
Food (depending where we're going)
Boogie wipes
Nasal drops with aspirator
Teething tablets
Small toys for entertainment

Oh yea, and all of that x2 (I'm exhausted just thinking about it)
If we're going to bring them with us, we have to pack our limousine of a stroller in the car. If we are dropping them off, we have to pack 2 large walkers instead.

The girls typically wake-up from nap time around 1-2. We will typically feed them before we go anywhere, make sure their clothes are clean, and change their diapers (I usually do these things while Derick packs the car with all of the above). Reagan is easy-peasy when getting her strapped into the car seat. Kenley, on the other hand, hates it. She will start crying and (I don't know how else to say it but...) melting...down the car seat. Is that a good visual? After we start driving she's totally fine, like it never even happened.

This all might explain why we don't get out of the house much...


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