Our First Fever

So I may be a little paranoid as a mom. If the girls feel just slightly warm, I will pull that thermometer out so fast. Normally it's nothing, and Derick will say something along the lines of "they didn't even feel warm". So today when we woke up everything was fine. We did our normal routine and they took their nap. When they woke up it was time for lunch. Derick was just leaving for work as I was getting lunch ready. Kenley ate like normal, but Reagan was fiddling with her food. Lately she has been out-eating Kenley so I was a little surprised. After giving her plenty of time to eat (and her taking 4 bites max), I cleaned up and brought them both back to the living room. That's when I realized Reagan felt a little warm. I was a little reluctant grabbing the thermometer since Derick's voice was in my head, but since he wasn't home....there would be no judgement. I checked her temp and just like I thought, she was running a fever.

We haven't had to deal with a fever yet so I wasn't really sure what to do. First I gave her some Tylenol. She didn't seem sick at that point so I went ahead and gave Kenley her bottle. Then it was time for Reagan's bottle. I know you shouldn't drink milk with a fever, so I put some really diluted apple juice in the bottle for her. She only drank about half, when she started acting sick. She started getting really whinny so I just cuddled up with her. I called Derick to let him know she was sick and he told me to put a cool cloth on her forehead. When I tried doing that, she had a fit. I ended up taking her shirt off instead so she could cool down. I checked her temp about every 20 minutes to make sure it was going down. It only took about an hour and she was fine again.

I gave her more Tylenol before bed just in case. So wish us luck tomorrow that we have a healthy Reagan.


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