Girls' Update

Just a little less than 3 weeks since the girls took their first steps and they're walking 100% now. We must have had a good idea that it wasn't going to take very long, because we got baby gates just in time. Kenley walks with her hands up in the air, and Reagan just walks around like she's been doing it for years now. They got their first pair of "walking" shoes yesterday. It took the girls all but 5 minutes in their new shoes before they figured out how to take them off...

I've started teaching them their body parts. Kenley knows where her nose is (which inevitably leads to her picking it). Reagan knows nose and mouth. I'm really starting to see them sort of understand the world around them. It's really awesome to watch them learn something new almost daily. Although they don't say any actual words right now, they do know some words that Derick and I say(come here, no, Kenley, Reagan, Dada, Mama, eat, night night time, etc...)

They have 2 appointments this month. The first is their 15 month check-up (crossing my fingers they don't need shots this time). At the end of the month they have their NICU follow-up appointment where they assess their development. Since they were born 3 months prematurely, they get tested for milestones 3 months behind their actual age. So even though they will be 16 months for that appointment, they will be tested at 13 months. So far everything has tested right on track and I'm pretty sure everything will be perfect this time as well.

Hope y'all are staying warm this week!


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