NICU Follow-Up

Today was the NICU follow-up appointment, where they test the girls' development to make sure they're on track. If the girls are falling behind in an area, the office will provide ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) as a way to catch them up. At previous appointments, the babes were always testing right on track with everything, but at the last appointment, they were a little behind in speech. Nothing too serious to need ECI's help, but just a little behind. Recently, I've been trying to teach the girls associations between words and objects, but haven't seen any improvement. So I had a feeling going into this appointment that they weren't going to test very high in speech.

The first tests were all about fine and gross motor skills which they scored very (and surprisingly) high. They tested at 16 months! They turned 17 months as of yesterday, so they are completely caught up with their age as far as that goes! When it got to the speech portion, I expressed my concerns, and they were confirmed. The doctor finally said it's time to contact ECI and get speech therapy. I'm actually pretty excited about it. I've been waiting to hear a "real" word forever now, and finally (with a little help) it will happen!

Hope y'all have a great Friday!


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