Slow Week

For Valentine's day we decided to go "all out" and get our favorite donuts for breakfast. Normally we make sure the girls are eating healthy, but since it was a special occasion we decided to let them indulge with us. They literally took ONE bite (enough for a picture), and then decided they didn't like it.

I'm still trying to figure out how they are mine...
After they put their donuts down, we gave them some blueberries and whole-grain waffles; they devoured it. At least they voluntarily like healthy food.

Today we had a doctor's appointment for the girls' 15 month check-up. 
Kenley now weighs 22lbs 4oz and is 28 1/2inches long. 
Reagan weighs 22lbs even, and is 28inches long.
Everything seems to be on track, but we will have a super thorough assessment next week at their NICU follow-up appointment. 

Hope ya'll are enjoying the weather this week!


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