Cool Things and Not So Cool Things

So this week has been full of ups and downs. Here's what's happening at the Johnsons'.

1. Derick was promoted at work this week and is now a full-time employee! His official position is Branch Supervisor instead of Bank Teller.

2. Puppies are SO cute, but puppy behavior...not so much. Penny has me chasing after her all day, as if the girls weren't enough...

3. I made homemade chocolate ice cream today and it is THE BOMB.COM

4. We finally lowered the girls' cribs so they can no longer climb out (fingers crossed).

5. Kenley and Reagan have been absolutely crazy since they have figured out how to climb on stuff. I am running back and forth all day just taking them off of things.

6. I've started a journal (as if I need another writing outlet), because I can get the entire day on paper and out of my head so I can fall asleep quicker. I've only been doing it 2 days, but so far, it's working!

7. We took the girls out to the backyard for the first time this summer! They ran crazy and they fell hard. Now we just need to blow up the kiddie pool so they can splash around!

8. Since I don't have a mountain top, I will be using my blog and Facebook as one. I have some super exciting news to announce, but can not officially say anything until Monday! So the countdown begins!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!
:) :) :)


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