End Of The Year Update!

It has been a long time since I have written a post, and with 2015 around the corner I felt like this would be the best time to write one!

School ended on the 10th. I passed all FIVE of my classes, and I have no idea how. And since class was out we decided to take the girls out of daycare until class starts again in January. So now I'm at home. I wish I could say it's relaxing, but it's not. I've been fighting being sick for the past month it seems like. But, I WILL SURVIVE.

The girls have a pretty good vocabulary now. Of course their new favorite word is "mine". I'm sure they picked it up from daycare because we NEVER say that word around the house. I have dreaded this phase, and now it's here. Sometimes when they say "mine" it's for a good reason. Like when sister takes the toy she was playing with...I let it slide. BUT, then there are the times that they are both minding their own business and then one will scream at the other "MINE" and will take their sister's toy from them. That is usually what happens. And it's horrible; usually ends in 2 babies throwing a tantrum.

Reagan                                                 Kenley

Christmas was AWESOME this year. The girls really understood how to open the presents and actually cared about the toys and not just the boxes! They got a lot of cool things this year. And I can see their little minds working when they play with some of the more challenging toys. For Derick, I made him envelopes with a whole date planned out for each month of 2015. I'm really sappy so homemade gifts are my jam. And Derick is getting me a new pair of sunglasses since my f a v o r i t e pair has a broken lens. :(
I haven't gotten the new pair yet because he wanted me to pick them out for myself and we really hate huge shopping crowds, so we will be getting them now that Christmas shopping is over.

Kenley                                                        Reagan

It has really been a good couple of months and it has been an even better year. Now I'm ready for New Years since we will be having a get-together at our house (jello shots included). I'm going to make some "lucky" foods to bring in the New Year, including pork, greens, black eyed peas, and grapes. Last year I made the mistake of not making ANY food and only having snacks, and I can pretty much say it only took one drink for me to get sloppy. Lesson learned.

Instead of resolutions I think I want me and Derick to make a 2015 Bucket List. We made one last year, but it got thrown into a drawer and was never seen again. I know we did a couple of things on the list but definitely not everything. So this year I think I will post it on the fridge or wall so we are constantly reminded to do it.

And now some pictures of my favorite things this year!
(in no particular order)

 Kenley at Trail of Lights

 Reagan at Trail of Lights


 My hair transformation. DON'T EVER let me grow my hair again. I'm a short hair girl all the way.



 Cool pub in San Antonio (our first tip without kids!)

 Surprise trip for Derick to Fredericksburg to watch a WWII re-enactment!


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